Elysium Film Review

The Flick: In the Year 2154, starring Jason Borne and Clarice Starling, Elysium gets Bill and Erin's brain's riled up and makes them question their own ability to ask questions. Erin openly discusses her 'Brain Cloud' diagnosis and Bill's Attention Deficit Disorder kicks in so much that he thinks he is reviewing 'District 9', or something like that - you'll have to watch to find out. See what these two have to say about Neill Blomkamp's 2013 futuristic action-thriller.

Vital Statistics:
Director: Neill Blomkamp (Nice handle Neill.)
Release Date (US): August 9, 2013
Hair Technician: Davina Lamont
Uncredited: (Really that's what they did): Jon Jarema
Matt Damon: Jason Borne: David Webb
Barak Obama: N/A
Music: Ryan Amon