Introducing… Bill and Erin’s Outrageously Entertaining Film Review Show

‘Bill and Erin’s Outrageously Entertaining Film Review Show’ is a clever and modern take on an old classic. Inspired by the legendary film show, “At the Movies” with Siskel and Ebert, Bill and Erin’s show is a unique twist on the classic TV series. ‘Bill and Erin’s Outrageously Entertaining Film Review Show’ is a fresh way to see the movies of today and take a look back at the films of yesterday.

Bill and Erin are passionate moviegoers with extensive film and theater backgrounds. The fact that they will be presenting their reviews as puppets only enhances their ability to provide entertaining and witty reviews. Why puppets? Quite simply-freedom. Freedom to be honest with the reviews, as well as capture a certain theatricality that only puppets can provide. Combining their passion for films and the creation of original characters to comment on those films is a recipe for insightful, humorous and entertaining reviews.

Each show follows a very unique format. Bill and Erin will review new releases, as well as pay homage to classics. The film clips are done entirely with handpicked puppets, dolls or any type of figure that embodies the character. Scenes are then re-shot with their new cast, but with the director’s vision still intact. Although slightly absurd, the film clips are often side-splittingly funny. Bill and Erin each have their own style, which lends itself to any variety of visual or musical choices.

With a perfect blend of absurdity, humor and knowledge, ‘Bill and Erin’s Outrageously Entertaining Film Review Show’ will be your go-to source for modern film and television criticism.